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Build a culture of excellence with a trust-based alternative to performance management


Performance can’t be managed

Did you know that 82% of HR leaders are unhappy with their organisation’s performance management process? Most employees also feel that the process has no measurable impact. Why?

Because performance isn’t something we can manage.

We can’t tell employees to perform any more than we can tell crops to grow. What we can do is provide the right culture and environment for our colleagues to flourish—one that promotes health, wellbeing and productive relationships.

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What makes Enabling Excellence different?

In this video, Rameez Kaleem of 3R Strategy explains why performance isn’t something we can manage, but rather something we create by having the right culture and conditions that promote health, wellbeing and productive relationships—helping our colleagues to flourish.

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Establishing a culture of collaboration and trust

There are two aspects to Enabling Excellence. The first is creating a culture of collaboration and trust by adopting a flexible approach that involves regular conversations. This means being willing to have important and sometimes difficult conversations.

We can measure the health of a relationship, team or organisation by looking at the average lag time between identifying and discussing a problem. When these important conversations don’t take place, the health of our teams and organisations suffers.  

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Measuring the factors that impact performance

The second aspect of Enabling Excellence is recognising that there are many factors that can impact someone’s performance and productivity, from physical and mental health to work ethic, relationships and environment.

We measure these factors through our comprehensive Employee Excellence SHAPE survey, which gathers data and tells us what our colleagues need. The survey quantifies these factors and provide science-backed insights to employees, managers and executives.

How do we do it?

This all sounds great in theory but how do we enact a cultural shift of this magnitude in our organisations? At 3R Strategy, we offer a three-step buildable approach to help you take the next steps towards a healthy, happy and productive workplace—where the phrase ‘performance management’ is but a distant memory.


Excellence toolkits

Everything you need to transform your approach to performance management and create a culture of collaboration and trust.

Excellence survey

Science-backed insights into your team’s health and wellbeing to pinpoint the areas affecting performance and productivity.

Excellence training

Comprehensive training for teams and line managers to help you prepare for and approach difficult conversations—and more.

Ready to take the next step?

Ultimately, it is the collective wellbeing of our employees that leads to the success of our organisations. This is what Enabling Excellence helps us to achieve. Get in touch with us using the form below to discuss how we can help you.