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Employee Excellence Toolkits

Enabling Excellence isn’t about managing performance. It’s about creating a culture in which people can thrive.

We help you to build this environment by providing your managers and employees with toolkits that follow four key steps:

performance management toolkit for employees journal

Employee Journal

Each of your employees will receive a journal where they can document their achievements, progress and objectives. It is also a space for them to reflect on their regular catch-ups with managers and write down any useful feedback they’ve received from peers.

Included in the journal is space for:


  • Setting goals and priorities
  • Giving peer feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Answering questions that help them reflect on their own work
  • Examples of effective feedback
  • Examples of SMART goals, short and long-term goals

Employee Guide

Enabling Excellence will become your organisation’s answer to the traditional performance review. It’s likely your employees will have questions and concerns.

That’s why we provide a detailed employee guide, explaining exactly what to expect from this new process.

Included in the guide:


  • Information about Enabling Excellence
  • How to use the Employee Journal
  • Tips and examples allowing them to recognise their peers
  • Information about their regular catch-ups with management
  • Preparing for career conversations
performance management employee guide
performance management

Leader's Guide

The aim is to enable excellence throughout the organisation. Your leaders must be confident in delivering these new processes and having career conversations with their team.

Providing them with information and support sets them up for success and allows them to thrive.

Included in the guide:


  • Information about Enabling Excellence
  • How to help employees set goals and objectives
  • Recognition ideas and information
  • How to have career conversations
  • How to delegate
  • How to deliver feedback
  • Why all of this is so important