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Employee Excellence Survey

Engage your employees with a single survey

Did you know it takes more than two satisfied employees to generate the same level of output as one inspired employee? We don’t just want employees who turn up every day and do their work – we want people who inspire those around them, drive a positive impact, and find ways to deliver results and push for more. 

Our Employee Excellence Survey, powered by SHAPE, offers a holistic, streamlined solution that gathers powerful data intelligence to give you the full picture. Each question has been carefully selected through four years of R&D with a solid, science-backed approach to give you the data you need in one place. SHAPE surveys everyone – employees, managers, and executives – to achieve maximum participation and quality results.

Complete 360° picture

Comprehensive, consolidated and centralised: each employee, manager and executive receives a powerful view from just one survey.

Quantified productivity

Accurately measure productivity across 30 major industries and countries – and see the potential gain from optimising your output.

Higher profitability and returns

Reports show 23% higher profitability and 122% higher returns for engaged organisations compared to their counterparts.

How it works

Truly comprehensive, the survey asks around 160 questions and delivers over 220 data points per employee. Employees can complete the survey in one go or take their time: for most, it takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. A 3-4 week survey period is recommended.

Upon submitting the survey, each employee gets their own personal and confidential report. A full report then goes out to managers and executives, providing a complete picture.

Streamline and simplify

The Excellence Survey will replace a number of other surveys you perform each year, connecting fragmented productivity silos to give all business units the data they need to better collaborate and make decisions. 

We’ve partnered with SHAPE to bring you a better way of surveying, reporting and delivering measurably better change, consolidating the 12 key topics every organisation needs to understand to see the business through the eyes of its people. 


Introducing SHAPE

SHAPE is a digital platform that helps employees measure and improve their performance. The Survey for Health, Attendance, Productivity and Engagement, SHAPE measures everything from the efficiency of the facilities and systems, to employee health and wellbeing, culture and engagement, management style, strategy, and much more. The extensive reporting suite provides employees, managers and executives with the intelligence they need to increase personal, team and company performance.

SHAPE explorers

A holistic view

Most companies only measure health and engagement when it comes to productivity. To truly understand productivity, we need to go further, measuring management style, culture, facilities, and work ethic. SHAPE brings together 12 topics across four categories to understand what impacts performance.

More than a survey

SHAPE is more than just a survey. Success comes from participation and quality data. SHAPE has developed an entire engagement suite with the SHAPE Kit, packed with all the information, persuasion assets and analytics needed by everyone to succeed in playing their part and achieving maximum participation.

Ready to start?

The Excellence Survey is just one aspect of the Enabling Excellence journey, helping you to better understand the needs and wellbeing of the people you work with and in doing so, provide the best possible conditions for optimal performance and productivity. Get in touch to discuss the survey and take the next step.